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The Kaufman and Co advisory services is the common thread running through all tax and audit services. Built from a perspective of what our clients want and need, our advisory program is custom designed for you and your business. It provides one on one coaching to help ensure you have the right solutions and tools for your business.


Some of our advisory services include:

  • Entity Selection Planning and Entity Review
    • What is the best entity for your business? Is your current business entity choice the right fit?
  • Tax Efficiency Evaluation
    • How tax efficient are you? Are there additional tax saving tools and strategies that your business can utilize?
  • Business Operations and Documentation
    • How to make yourself ‘audit proof’
    • “Entrepreneur Friendly” business expense reporting and documentation
  • Cash Flow Planning
    • How much of my income is really mine?
    • Do you have a budget in place for your business?
    • How much do I need to charge my customers to earn the profit I am projecting?
  • Labor Law Facts
    • Paying employees minimum wage, overtime
    • Employee vs independent contractor
  • Rental Property Operations
    • Navigation of the IRS Passive Loss Limitations
    • Are you considered to be a ‘Real Estate Professional’?
  • Education Savings and Income Shifting Strategies
    • Paying your family for services from the business
    • Education Savings Plans
  • Bank Financing